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We’re counting on you, our fairgoers, volunteers, sponsors, exhibitors and members, to uphold the tradition of the Chesterfield County Fair as one of Virginia’s best fair experiences. Bridge Bike Works’ Surveyor frameset – which carries an MSRP of approx. $4,100 – is designed, precision-engineered and built in North America. The Bridge Surveyor, like Booger, celebrates the relationship between rider and bike, the places, and the community that riders create. Be it an all-around road bike, or a go-fast gravel bike, the Surveyor is the perfect option. donations for silent auction frameset that we will be auctioning off carries an MSRP of $2,199 and was incepted as a cyclocross race weapon.
Get a free trial of ReadySetAuction by filling out the form on this page, or call us at
888 • 824 • to discuss your needs. The auction venue, food, and decorations are where you’ll spend a significant chunk of your event’s budget. The obvious solution is to use whatever your organization already has on hand, for example by holding the auction in your school’s gymnasium. However, a shrewd fundraiser may be able to get a high-end venue and services at a steep discount. One of the most important elements that each auction item needs is a bid sheet, which is where people will write down how much they’re bidding.
First, your organization will want to arrange your room to allow guests to move about the venue and check out the auction items. Placing the silent auction tables against the venue’s walls is a great way to do so. In addition, your nonprofit organization should only place one row of auction items on each table.
You can pay to rent a venue, but before you opt for this, see if you can find a local business that would be willing to donate their space. For example, you could ask a local restaurant to host the event, plus donate a dining package for you to auction off. You would save on costs, while the restaurant would benefit from the increased visibility and promotion. How much are you hoping to raise and where will this money come from? In the next section, we’ll go over a few ideas for how to increase your revenue. This valuable feedback will help you gauge how you can improve your silent auction strategy for the future.
You can even mass message your supporters to send them updates, reminders, and other notifications that will keep them engaged with your nonprofit community. Every year, millions of dollars earmarked for corporate philanthropy go unclaimed because donors don’t know about their employers’ matching gifts programs. If you’re looking for a powerful online auction platform with intuitive tools that won’t break the bank, Snowball is definitely the choice for you. This can include students’ classroom art, a preferred parking spot, the chance for a student to be principal for a day, and more. I have been a follower for many years and learnt so much from you. Ultimately, it translates into many more families getting the support they deserve.
This generates publicity for them and cultivates strong relationships within the greater community. Pricing your charity auction items is probably the least glamorous part of the process. But the right price will determine whether your charity auction succeeds. A classic live auction involves an auctioneer and will see guests raising paddles or shouting their bids in a crowd. However, many organizations now opt to use mobile bidding tools to make the process easier for everyone. Engaging the crowd is important, even during the silent auction.
It’s a high-energy, high-volume affair, with lots of urgencies. Remember to also consider the safety and security of the items on display. Additionally, using lighting and decor to create an inviting and exciting atmosphere can help draw in more donors. It’s important to arrange the items in a way that’s easy to navigate, but also visually-appealing.
In general, school auditoriums and cafeterias are perfect for such silent auction fundraisers. However, if you’re social distancing, you might look at outdoor venues or online options. Fancier venues will stretch your budget even if you work out discounts with the hotel or banquet hall. A silent auction is a great option for a live event where you might be having dinner, dancing, speeches, or performances. The silent auction can happen in the background, and winners can be announced at the end.
For donated items, it is recommenced that the starting bid is set at 30% – 50% of the item’s value. A lower starting bid is designed to foster competition and take bidding above the value of the item. Collect donations for a themed gift basket auction and assemble some truly incredible items.
When planning a silent auction for fundraising, it’s important to set clear fundraising goals and strategies. Lastly, consider a Charity Safaris hunting package if your nonprofit is still looking for the perfect auction item. Then, contact them by filling out their silent auction online donation request form today. Your nonprofit organization must establish how to set up the registration process. The easiest way to do so is by using a digital silent auction platform. Online registration allows guests to register for your silent auction before it begins.

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