Majestic Theatres 18th Annual Silent Auction + performance of The Great Gatsby

Hopefully, you may be able to link some of them thematically, but even if not, you’ll end up with some bigger baskets that will appeal to the bidders. But that’s not always possible, so sometimes you’ll receive donations of things that aren’t as high-end or that simply don’t seem like a big enough prize by itself. Besides local merchants, you can ask local service providers as well. You could get a personal trainer to give a free set of sessions, or maybe a massage therapist would be willing to donate a massage to your cause. Running a Silent Auction can be a great way to fundraise for your school or team.
During these sessions, attendees will be able to talk with the artists, Milliken said. The Monster Drawing Rally also gives art lovers and members of the community a chance to meet these artists, forge connections and build art collections, Scudder said. Since the pandemic, Jones said Grace still provides services at its three physical locations, is still providing Telehealth care statewide and currently has 15 counselors on staff. First Presbyterian, 1501 Cherry St., will offer appetizers from 6 to 7 p.m.
A raffle, on the other hand, involves selling tickets with a chance to win a prize. The winner is chosen randomly through a drawing near the end of the event. The word “auction” implies a sense of urgency to the bidding, thereby encouraging immediate action. Twenty percent of the net proceeds from each item sold are donated to the charity.
Similarly, if you know some of your invitees are artists, you can create a hobby kit that includes the supplies needed to create something in their chosen medium. Paint, brushes, a clay wheel, a drawing pad, and an easel are some of the items you may want to include in an artistic hobby kit. Are some of your auction attendees regulars at local or charity poker tournaments? If so, you can assemble a hobby kit that includes playing cards, betting chips, and dice for side bets.
Silent auction software even makes it possible for guests who can’t physically attend to still participate in the auction. Typically, these digital silent auctions use guests’ mobile phones to place orders either through an app or a mobile website. Some silent auctions may be able to occur solely through social media, no event required.
For in- donation for silent auction and hybrid silent auctions, arrange items strategically on the big day to encourage attendees to take their time perusing. Tables can have tablecloths, runners, balloons, and other decorations to draw in donors, but the items should be the star of the show. Discover the nonprofit’s guide to planning a seamless silent auction fundraiser. Plus, all of the tools your nonprofit needs to run a successful in-person, hybrid, or online silent auction.
The auction items that typically receive the most bid activity appeal to donors’ needs or interests, are well-priced, and are unique or special in some way. In this article, we will focus on auction item procurement, one of the first and most important steps of organizing virtual silent auctions. Participants are usually given access to an online catalog of available auction items and encouraged to browse through items at their own pace and then bid on those that most interest them. Most silent auctions will not accept donations for items that would require the winner to purchase something additional.
Nonprofit special events and silent auctions involve transactions with outside businesses and organizational donors. When your nonprofit hosts a silent auction, the items are the star of the show. After all, you’ll only hit your fundraising goal by motivating supporters to bid on your high-value prizes! To encourage competitive bidding, showcasing your items in an appealing way is essential, and one way to do this is through well-designed bid sheets. Silent auction bid sheets have been a staple of fundraising events for decades. They allow bidders to write down their bids for various items and services, which volunteers collect.
Then, all you need is a few volunteers to help gather the items and send them on their way. If there’s a long process  for checking out and paying for auction items, it can cause long lines, ending a fun event on a note of frustration. Your shiny silent auction items need to get into the hands of their happy new owners! If you have to ship or deliver items, take your time and get it right. No one wants to be left holding the bag if something is lost or broken in transit. One of the most important pieces of a successful silent auction is a well-curated and organized auction catalog (or “auction catalog”).
Unlike a raffle, the highest bidder at the silent auction will win the item. Your organization will be able to offer your donors printed and online program guides. Your supporters can bid via paper bid sheets or an online bidding solution. Silent Auction Pro offers the flexibility to give your supporters what they want. GiveSmart offers innovative online charity auction software for nonprofits looking to revamp their fundraising event strategy. Engage bidders and drive more donations with Handbid’s exceptional features.

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