The Fundraisers 2023 Fundraising Plan: Your Complete Calendar of Dates Nonprofits Actually Need to Know

Many pizzerias will offer up deals and specials to churches and schools that are trying to fundraise. Candles are a great gift for any occasion, especially if you tailor your candles for each upcoming holiday (Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day). There are tons of great websites that sell heavily discounted candles for fundraisers. Find the site that works best for your church’s fundraising needs, then ask volunteers to sell the candles.
Sell tickets for a “Night at the Museum,” and decorate your church’s atrium, like a museum. Fast-food night fundraisers are simple, profitable, and popular with congregation members of all ages. All they have to do is purchase fast food from the restaurant that’s sponsoring the charity night, and say they’re with your church. Active mission teams are a perfect fit for a bike-a-thon fundraiser. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas per mile that the youth group bikes during the fundraising event.
Help your supporters change it up by hosting a Father’s Day Tie Swap. Every participant pays an admission fee and brings a tie to swap. If you’re looking for a fun and simple fundraising idea for the summer season, why not host a pool party? This family-friendly event is guaranteed to bring in fundraising dollars.
When you keep your expenses low and maximize your revenue, the vast majority of funds raised will go towards your mission. Walkathons and runs with a theme make the event fun and memorable for participants. Many people have participated in Color Runs as participants, spectators, or supporters. Holding such a popular event is a way to brand your organization by putting it in the limelight and attracting more donors. The next step (and one of the most important) is making it easy for participants to register and raise money for the color run fundraiser.
After all, even if you have a wide network of supporters before your campaign, they’re unlikely to donate if they aren’t interested in participating in your fundraiser. There are thousands of reasons to fundraise—from helping individuals cover their medical bills to nonprofits funding their mission-based programming. No matter the cause, all fundraisers know that the right fundraising idea is the key to success. The success of your fundraising campaign hinges on your participant’s fundraising abilities.
Chuck-a-duck fundraisers may sound simple, but they’re actually a lot of fun—and not just for kids. Chuck-a-duck fundraisers, also called rubber duck fundraisers, are a church activity that involves exactly what it sounds like. An angel festival is a fun and exciting way to raise money while allowing your congregation members to dress up and be creative. Angel festivals are just like any other festival, except they’re 100% angel-themed. Your congregation will love a church fundraiser that also allows them to get away for a memorable mini-vacation.
Once you have secured your items, be sure to prioritize inputting your listings into your auction software. Posting them on time will give participants ample time to browse through their selections and choose which they want to bid on. There are tons of companies out there that can produce and ship the t-shirts to your supporters. An added bonus is that they often offer ready-made designs, so you don’t have to worry if you are lacking in the design department.
Have your fundraisers ask their colleagues at work if they’ll be kind enough to donate their last hour’s pay before Christmas to your nonprofit. Alternatively (or additionally), you could also contact different businesses and pitch this idea to them. These unique college fundraising ideas will appeal to the inner child in your students. Secure a team of volunteers to help plan and execute the event.
Though this event will take a good deal of planning, you have the opportunity to raise money while celebrating different cultures at the same time. You’ll also need to locate a volunteer or two with artistic abilities who are willing to paint faces at the event. Then, charge a small fee for each person and put out a general donation jar to raise even more money for your cause. You can raise more money by charging admission for attendees and selling concessions and branded sports merchandise during the event. Get in touch with friends and family members who have supported you in the past and ask if they would be willing to participate. An angel festival is a Christmas-themed fundraiser that gives you a chance to raise money for your cause.
However, walk-a-thons can work for any cause, and school children especially love participating in them. A petting zoo fundraiser is a great option for supporters who have a soft spot for cuddly creatures or who have young children. Work with your team to find local farms, zoos, and animal shelters who will loan out animals like sheep, pigs, goats, dogs, and turtles that can make up your petting zoo. ABC Fundraising offers gourmet popcorn that you can easily sell in-person or online through a fundraising web store. And, with home delivery, you can sell to supporters who may live out of state but still want to see your mission succeed. Kwala offers a variety of graphic design options with files that are ready to upload or print.

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