L-1 Individual Visa Application Checklist

For example, a foreign company may wish to transfer members of its marketing team to the United States to help the United States organization launch products that are already being marketed abroad. The team consists of a Marketing Director, Marketing Managers, and Marketing Coordinators. For example, a Production Supervisor who manages shifts of hourly employees in a factory would not be the best candidate for an L-1A visa, as USCIS may claim that these production workers are not professionals. Unlike H-1B visas, there is no quota on the number of L-1B visas which may be issued every year, therefore it can be obtained any time of the year.
Citizenship & Immigration Services on Form I-129 along with supporting documentation showing that both the U.S. company and the foreign parent, subsidiary, affiliate or branch meet the qualifying factors set forth in the law and regulations. Currently be, or will be, doing business as an employer in the United States and in at least one other country directly or through a qualifying organization for the duration of the beneficiary’s stay in the United States as an L-1. If you are an L1 visa holder, your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age may come to the United States with you. These family members may seek admission under the L2 nonimmigrant classification. If approved, they are generally granted the same period of stay as you. L-1B visa petitions are one of the most complex visa petitions to properly document.
You will have to pay a filing fee of $305, but if you meet certain criteria they will waive the fee. Your green card’s expiration date would depend on your type of permanent residence. For difference between l1a and l1b , aregularpermanent resident’s green card is valid for 10 years. Under an L1 visa status, you can study in the United States as long as you maintain your L1 status and work for the employer who sponsored your visa. You can buy a property in the United States even if your visa is a nonimmigrant type. Just because you are not a citizen of the United States does not mean you can’t apply for a mortgage.
Besides this, you might be required to pay additional fees based on your home country or reciprocity measures with the US. Nevertheless, after you pay all fees, get the receipts which you will attach to your documents. The employer files a Form I-129S, Nonimmigrant Petition Based on L1 Blanket Petition to USCIS. After it is approved, the employer gets Form I-797, which all employees who will transfer will use in their applications.
By working with an L1 Visa attorney, you can help streamline the sometimes complex L-1 and L-2 visa processes. The L1 Visa processing time varies depending on the USCIS service center and the country from where the applicant applies. Right now California service center has wait time of two months. Generally, for applicants filing blanket petitions under form I-129 have an estimated time 4-6 months. The entire processing times from an L1A visa to receiving a green card ranges from 3-6 years. The foreign company and the sponsoring company in the U.S. must maintain qualifying relationship and business operations until the grant of green card.

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