50 Best School Auction Ideas: The Ultimate Guide

In addition, tasters will make donations for the foods they love the most, and the winner will be crowned by the amount of money they raise. Hand out pamphlets to local businesses and the community with information on the event, such as date, time, location, and whether it will be a cash or card-only event. Remember to have private facilities for students to try on the dresses and hanging racks for easy displays. This is also a great way to maximize profits and know how many volunteers you’ll need.
Appropriate for most youth leagues (as well as adult leagues). Keeping an email list of former donors and creating donation pages keeps the process streamlined for year-over-year ask. Consider creating an online t-shirt contest on 99designs.com and get students to vote on the winning designs. It’s a minimum $299 investment, but the quality of design can be excellent (see my tips on using 99designs here).
By organizing a summer camp, you can help with multiple community needs. Encourage the students to take initiative and help plan activities themselves. Other popular options include bike-a-thons, job-a-thons, and even read-a-thon. Consider the weather when you host your event and have a backup plan for rain if you are doing it outside. Reading is a great option for kids of all ages and people can pledge them by how many books they read.
fundraising ideas for high school depend on fund raising to pay for the costumes and background drops for their stage play. Our easy drama club fundraising tips can help your promising actors & actresses to put on the performance of their lives. With so many options available, how can you know which is the perfect elementary fundraising opportunity for your students? Please allow us to help you select the elementary school fundraising program best for you.
Charge an entrance fee for would-be participants, and then invite people to compete in different categories of snowperson building and/or ice carving. Charge participants an entry fee and consider serving refreshments at an additional cost. Nevertheless, fundraising benefits all kinds of schools—from elementary through high school and from public to private institutions. If you’re a teacher or administrator at a school, then your hands are full every day.

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